“A little goes a long way” 

With ethical, sustainability and climate consciousness being at an all-time high, PearlGem Designs practices ethical and sustainable choices across our entire production process. We offer customers our high-end jewellery with as much integrity as possible.

Ethical Sourcing:
We recognise the challenges associated with providing precious materials in a responsible manner, and take pride in working closely with our suppliers to ensure our materials are sourced and produced in the most ethical way possible, choosing ethical companies to work with and do business. Where possible we buy products manufactured from Green Silver for use in our production process. All of our .925 silver items are nickel free.


All business operations follow our focus on preserving the quality of our environment. Some of the initiatives incorporated into our day to day operations are:

- Recycling all paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, and bottles, in our home studio recycling bin.

- Being paperless: we store all customer records electronically.

- Reducing material waste: no excess piece of our findings are wasted, either used in another creation or added to our metal recycling bin to be refined and re-used. 

- Using re-used/recycled materials:

  • Almost all of our sterling silver designs are made from recycled sterling silver.
  • We re-use cardboard boxes we receive with deliveries for storage/packaging.
  • Any bubble wrap/zip lock bags received from suppliers are put aside in our office, to be re-used whenever we need either of those in office.

- Using eco-friendly materials:

  • Our packaging is plastic-free.
  • Our clean and minimal gift boxes are encouraged to be re-used, and can also be recycled,
  • At markets we bring, from home, thermos, mugs and food  during our breaks, instead of buying disposable ones.


Custom making most pieces to order, is a conscious decision that allows PearlGem Designs to reduce waste, and minimise our environmental footprint.