We launched PearlGem Designs in the summer of 2018, Michelle had just moved back home with baby Sarah and was looking to fulfil her creative urges. Julie had started creating gemstone and pearl jewels firstly for fundraising at Michelle’s and her sister’s school, moving in on in 2002 to her own Jewellery label and later incorporating that into gemstone business that has been trading for 20 years.

With this new opportunity to create PearlGem Designs was invented, our travels to source stock have taken us to China, India and Hong Kong and have teams in each country suppling us with our unique range of components.

We work from a small studio designing and hand assemble all our many styles of statement jewellery using a range of materials and components from all over the globe. Each piece can be customized upon request.

PearlGem Designs jewels are inspired by luxury, elegance and feminine grace; designed to be worn and treasured across seasons, time and place.
Each jewellery piece tells its own individual narrative of colour, texture and craftsmanship. Made to be worn every-day wear from casual to night time Chic, PearlGem Designs are truly jewels for the Everywoman.